Why learning Arabic Language is Important

Imagine a state of a person when he receives a letter from his office that contains a description to his yearly promotion and incentives, but unfortunately cannot read it because of the unknown language it is composed with. Muslims around the world are in the same bewildered state when they open the divine book of Allah and could not understand a single word of it. The divine book and narrations hold blessings and opportunities that a Muslim can have hands on when he has a clear understanding of its language.

Allah revealed the Quran in Arabic and this reason alone is sufficient to reflect the importance of learning Arabic. Besides, it is a gateway to reach Allah in order to decrypt His commandments. It is the only means of knowing Islamic culture and Scriptures revealed by Allah Almighty. Only learning Arabic is not the deal, the deal is to learn Arabic alphabets along its meanings to contemplate Arabic scriptures. In the Quran, Allah says



Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an that you might understand.” [12:2]



Reasons to learn Arabic


The Teachings of Islam are present in its original language, Arabic, which was once the langue of the Arabic peninsula. In the past, there were no methods to learn Arabic language, but now the scholars have produced initials and scriptures that are helping Muslims and other people to learn Arabic because of the following advantages associated with it.


  1. Liturgical language
    Arabic is a liturgical language- an easy passage towards knowing Allah and His Holy scriptures. No Muslim can prosper without the complete knowledge of the Quran and Hadith that are both in Arabic. For better understanding, Muslims must have sufficed knowledge of Arabic language.

  2. Fifth common native language
    There are approximately 300 million people who speak Arabic and is the official langue of over 20 countries. Due to its immense importance, it is the official langue of  the Arab League, United Nations and Islamic conference. Because of these essentials, people who have a keen interest in politics seek to learn Arabic and its dialects.

  3. Demand for Arabic speakers
    Islam is undoubtedly the fastest growing religion that makes the Arab speakers in high demand for the west. USA and other west are in a continuous trade with Arab countries and for strategical importance they need Arabic speakers. The demand for Arabic translators have increased in the west so much that they are offering them, high incentives to employee them even have started courses for learning the Arabic language in some of their universities.

  4. Importance for Trade
    Most of the trade in the international market is supplied by Arab countries and in order to make dealings with them one must be fluent in Arabic language. Trade with Arabs open new portals towards global economy and progress that no one can refute its importance, hence learning Arabic is a step towards becoming economical giant.


By learning Arabic Muslims can revive their relation with Allah by decoding His teachings in order to become a best practicing Muslim in sight of Allah. Learning Arabic is not only a way to learn Islamic scriptures, but a means of communication for fast economic growth and convenient trade.


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