Basic Needs of Humans and the Quran 

The believers are the people who have been sent to this world, obtained Islamic Knowledge and tried to complete their unnatural objectives like getting Islamic knowledge, increasing affiliation with Allah and getting closer to Allah by obeying whereas a lot many people, are in the process of the fulfillment of the basic needs of human like women, drink and food. Allah in The Holy Quran says – The interpretation of which is – ((Indeed, the Abrar (Those who are pious and evil-avoiders) – This is said in the Surah Al-Insans ayath number 5.

All those who are in the house of paradise, they will be the one who will live in it forever. The paradise is like a beautiful place about which no one has ever heard about it, no one has ever seen it and no human heart has ever perceived it. In Arabic, Al-Dunia in Arabic means something that is inferior. It means that a human being can never have a life full of health in this world. The example of it would be like if you follow the diet strictly, then you will have to avoid different kinds of foods, which is very difficult for anyone to do it. When the man becomes a young adult and gets stabilized, but then he will return back to the life of misery. The color of the hair changes from black to gray, his sight becomes weak and the system of the body becomes disordered. That is how the life is all about.

Although human beings are a great creature of Allah, they are highly vulnerable. You will never find a human being who does not suffer from any disease. Never underestimate the tempts of this world, it will cause pain and pass by.

The material dreams of you are not going to be fulfilled before you reach 40’s. The death age ranges between 60’s and 70’s. Most of the people die in the 50’s which is considered to be a young age for dying. So, the preparation of death should be done after the 40’s. The standards of the people of this world are : health, time and money. The true believers will always think about reading and reciting the Quran Pak. In Order To Help Your Kids Learn the Quran through Qaida, Noorani Qaida App is highly recommended.

This is the fact that relates to Ad-Dunya. According to them, in order to satisfy your worldly desires, you need to have health, money and time. So, the whole of their life is spent in reaching these goals of health, money and time. 

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