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Islamic Code of Ethics 

Men are born with the natural of moral goodness and correspond to response with faith and all ethical values.  According to Islam there is equally among all the mankind in this world and there is two basic conditions for men to do, the intention and his action according to the instruction in Islam.



Quran comes with clear messages to ethics that the moral behavior and character be to the standards of Islam, which a mankind is to adopt this. This covers all the actions like honesty, truthfulness, kindness, sincerely and as an example the life of Holly Prophet (SAW) can be taken. Islamic ethics that calls all the human being to take the process of purification of him/her, social interaction with other and deeds that are would be beneficial to others in a community. The Messenger of Allah Muhammad (SAW) says: “The best among you is those, who are the owner of the best morality”.


There are some codes of ethics which should conduct by the Muslims

Greeting: Islam says to great each other by saying “As-Salaam-Alykum” means peace be upon you.  

When Eating use the Right Hand: whenever there is intended to eating, eat with you right hand.  


Shaking Hands: In Islam, it is not permissible to shake hand with the gender opposite to yours. As the Prophet of Allah says: “If you were to be struck in the head with an iron needle, it would be better for him than if he touch a woman, he is not allowed to”. From this narration of the Prophet (SAW) it is clear that Islam do no gives us a permission to shake hands with the opposite genders.



Reciting the Quran: Recitation of the Quran and Surahs of Quran is one of the acts, which gives us the manners and codes of ethics of the religion Islam. Allah says: “that among you who recites Quran and teaches others too, is best among you’.


Friendship: Islam refers a Muslims as Brothers and Sisters, and gives high value to the friendship. Islam says and expect us to be in good relation with each other’s. Wish for others as you would wish for yourself.



Backbiting: In Islam Backbiting is consider as you are eating the flash of that someone you are doing.   Talking of others which are not present is called as backbiting. Quran and Prophet strictly prohibit from backbiting.



Kindness: Islam great emphasis on the relation with others in a vary kind manner. Be kind with your Parents, your neighbor, be kind with your family members and be kind to everyone, even if he/she did wrong to you.

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