HIJAB in non Muslim Countries

In North America where one of every three girl wears short skirt, exposing body curves had become a fashion, skinny jeans are more than common, being called a hot is taken as an compliment, porn is on just few clicks away, bars and pubs can be found frequently, and more opportunities of sex than anywhere else in the world, wearing hijab in these conditions can be very tough but wait? Have you ever tried yet? A T-V actress walked on the streets of New York City in the black skinny outfit and gets more than 100 invitations from men during her walk of 10 hours. In comparison there is another video of a woman in Hijab who walks on the same streets for the same period of time but she was not teased by a single man around. You can easily track both of these videos on Youtube.

Practicing Islam and offer Muslim prayers with punctuality can be tough in non Islamic countries but of great value and rewards. Almighty Allah made women very beautiful and if she exposes her beauty, men will be attracted towards her and became a toy in the hands of men. Hijab can secure your beauty so that you remain safe. One line recommendation in clothing for women is Minimize your curves Exposure. The ABAYA can be a good option. It is a Muslim Dress that fully covered Women body and keeps the evil souls away from her.

Non Muslims and HIJAB

The rape is continuously increasing here in America. Thousands of rape attempts are made every day and most of them remain unreported. Most of the rape victims are those women who were exposing their body or I must say wearing rape friendly clothes. Keeping that point of view in mind many non Muslim women had started wearing Hijab and Abaya. When they are asked about their experience, they quoted they are treated with higher level of respect and gets fewer mingling attempts. 


It is a false perception that women with Hijab cannot survive in US. If you are good enough in your studies you will be granted grades, if you are good enough in your skills you will be hired. If anyone rejects you for the sake of Hijab only it means he had some negative intentions and it will be better to leave. We all will die one and day and the only success that counts will be our deeds.  Allah knows the best. 

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