Some Major Etiquettes To Observe When Interacting With Quran

The most respected books in this world for Muslims is the Quran. It is the word of Allah and it contains all the doctrines and guidelines in it that are required of a Muslim to live life on the path of righteousness that guarantees a good life in this world and an even better life in the hereafter.Like every action or thing related to God, there are particular etiquettes that a Muslim has to follow when it comes to interacting with the Quran. A Muslim must follow a particular set of rules and manners when it comes to Handling Quran as well as in Quran learning. The lines below discuss some major etiquettes that a Muslim has to consider pertaining to interacting with the Quran.


·         The first and foremost important element is the ablution. Quran is a pure book, therefore, before touching it or reciting it one needs to be pure. The performing of ablution is associated with any form of worship that a Muslim undertakes in Islam and being in ablution in general is an encouraged habit. Therefore, whenever you are to touch the Quran or recite some part of it orally, you need to be in a state of ablution.


·         The second thing that needs to be done pertaining to interacting with the Quran is handling it properly. The Quran is not like any other book that contains words of a writer, with which one can conflict and giving importance of which is dependent on the personal desire of a person, rather for a Muslim it is the word of Allah, therefore, the word of Allah needs are handled with utmost care and diligence. Therefore, when handling Quran a Muslim must be gentle and treat it with respect.


·         The third thing that needs to be ensures when interacting with the Quran is attention. Reading Quran is like reading the word of Allah, thus, if Allah were speaking to someone, it is imperative that that someone ought to listen to the word of God with attention. Moreover, reciting Quran or listening to its recitation with attention leads to an understanding of its meanings that helps a Muslim live life in a better and effective manner.


·         The fourth element of etiquettes to be ensured in interacting with the Quran is reciting it with a beautiful voice. The Quran should not read with an ordinary tone as if one were reading some ordinary Arabic text, rather it is the praise of Allah, therefore, it ought to be recited with an eloquence which comes in the form of Tajweed. By knowing Tajweed a Muslim gets to know the right way of reciting Quran and when that recitation is done, it consequently produces beauty in the recitation and makes it soothing to the heart and mind.


 In short, the Quran is not some ordinary book, therefore, when handling it or interacting with it in any way a Muslim must make sure that it is handled with care, caution and utmost respect and reverence. Moreover, when interacting with it a Muslim should take special and dedicated measures as much as possible.

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