Things that Break the Sanctity of Wudu/Ablution Procedure

Wudu is compulsory part of performing Islamic ritual. Without performing wudu you cannot perform the basic rituals of Islam like Prayer (Salah) and Quran reading. Muslims consider it their moral responsibility to perform wudhu before performing Islamic rituals. In this article you will be able to learn the steps of wudhu and things which invalidate the wudu procedure.

Step by Step Wudu Procedure

There are four main or obligatory parts of performing wudu. The fist one is to wash both hands and arms up to the elbows. The second important part is to wash the face from forehead down to the chin. The third significant part is to perform Masah (wiping with wet hands, one fourth of one’s head).Then the last important step is to wash both feet up to the ankles. After performing these four steps you can perform Islamic rituals but keep in mind that wudu is not enough in some cases as you have to perform Ghusal (Complete bath) to purify ritually.

Things that Break Wudu

There are many precautions which you need to take while keeping the wudu intact. Hadath is the first thing which you need to take care as The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said “Allah does not accept the prayer of any one of you having committed hadath until he makes wudu”. Al-Bukhaaree (al Fath, 1/206) and Muslim (no.245) Hadath means things which come out of the front and back part of a man or women and it can be urine, blood and wind that has smell and sound.

The wudu breaks if someone losses consciousness because in that condition he is not sure whether his wudu is break or not. In that case most of the scholars are get united on this idea. Touching the private parts of the body also breaks the wudu as The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said “If one of you touches his penis and there is no veil between him and it nor any cover, then wudu has become obligatory for him”. [al-Haakim (1/138) and others]. (Al-Albaanee says: hadith Saheeh.) There are many other things that break wudu like touching a woman with desire. If you intention in pure then it doesn't affect  wudu as The 'Aa'ishah (radhiAllaahu 'anhaa) says “Rasoolullah (P.B.U.H) prayed and I was lying in front of him as in front of a Janaazah, so when he wished to prostrate I pulled up my leg”. Sahih Bukhariand Sahih Muslim

These all are the factors which Muslims should avoid to keep the wudu sanctity intact. If someone is interested in learning the wudu procedure with step by step then Kids Wudu Series for Android on Google Play store is the best Islamic application for educating Muslim Kids about wudhu procedure.


Intention is the key to perform anything therefore always keep positive intentions while performing any activity whether it is religious social because it saves you from different kind of bad practice.

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