Perspective of Islam about Justice 

Islam is one of the religions which give human being a complete package about how to spend life and after life matters. All its rules are based on truth. It teaches us about justice, equality, peace and brotherhood which is the essentials of living a happy life in this world also holds great rewards for those who follow these teachings in its true spirit. Islam is the only religion from whose teachings Muslims are getting benefits even non-follower of Islam are also aware from its benefits.


This Article focuses on Islamic perspective about justice. Justice is compulsory part of society without it no one will be able to live a peaceful and happy life. ALLAH sent 124000 prophets in this universe to guide mankind about correct path. At each step prophets of ALLAH emphasized on importance of Islamic teachings about justice.  Like penalty of death which is firstly imposed by Islam for whom who kills a person intentionally. Islam is the only religion which gives us proper system of justice.  

But what we are doing? Why cases of Murder are increasing? Why cases of Abusive actions with Women’s are increasing?


That all is happening because of we are not following Islamic teachings properly. Islam says us to recite Quran daily. Islam says to offer 5 time prayers, pay Zakat? Are we following all these basic Islamic rules? It is because of our attraction towards this world and ignorance towards Quran and Sunnah. System of Justice is mentioned in Quran and Hadith. That’s why justice doesn’t reflect from our societies. So Start learning Quran to understand its teachings well also include Quran recitation in your daily life but be careful recite Quran with Tajweed rules and with full concentration. If you don’t have basic knowledge of Tajweed principles learn in from Qari if you don’t have access to Qari don’t find ways to run from this. Start Quranic Surahs learning with Tajweed through Tajwid Al Quran Android app an easy way to learn Quran with complete basics of Tajweed. It is because till we don’t recite Quran properly with focus we don’t be able to act upon the teachings Islam toward justice in its true spirit also focuses on Hadith which explains every step of Islamic teachings about justice.  

With that Islamic countries are not imposing penalties according to Islamic rules. Western culture and many ngo’s say that death penalty is against human rights and we Muslims are following this without knowing that we are going against ALLAH. Tell how peace will happen when fear of penalty is vanished from heart of murderer. On the other hand west in real gong opposite. Their penalties of death are still valid with equality and in Muslim countries if you are a rich person your money will remove all your penalties. But we don’t know what we will answer in front of ALLAH on judgment day.  We all blame one another but no one will try to change himself. Results are coming in form of Disturbance in every Islamic country. Because we are Muslims and we know Islamic teachings after that we are not following them there is more strict punishment for us. 

 Time is still there change yourself from today before it is late. Because going opposite to the rules of Islam is just like a War with ALLAH. Always fear from ALLAH who created everything this universe, me, and you, every Human being, insects which we even don’t be able to see from our naked eye. Follow Islamic Teachings in its true spirit.

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