The civilized Concept of Success in Islam

Success should always be inclusive and it should not constitute only a part of it. The great problem which has been noted is that a person may become successful in the mosque or at job but he does not become a successful husband or she does not become successful as a wife. Another scenario is that he/she is a good husband/wife but is not good at work.

 The definition of the success should be in the terms of civilization. Success must not be partial instead it should be inclusive. What matters most is that a person should be successful not only at work but also in mosque, as a member of the family, in keeping himself healthy. If someone lacks any one item, he or she may be affected negatively.


If someone has a weak connection with Allah but is good in home and work, then there is a great punishment from Allah. In cases like that, the person may lose the respect of his wife and she might insult you which may result in harassment that may finally lead to leaving home. The result of it might be bad work relations and ultimately bad work conditions. So, the cycle of bad events starts with weak relations with Allah (SWA).



Similarly, if someone eats badly or does not take care of his health, he will get ill and will not be able to say prayers, which will affect his relationship with the God. There will be a series of medicines that needs to be taken care of at the end of every meal. In that case also, your health will also be neglected and it may affect your relations with Allah.



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