Islamic and Scientific prospective of Dreams

There are many meanings associated with the word Dream. The appropriate definition is: Dreams is the vision that we see in our sleep. Things that we want to happen in our life is also called dream. But in this article we will go through the dreams related to sleep, what are they all about and why we see them, and what the Islamic and Scientific point of view about dreams is.

Dreams are the most fascinated topic of my research. I used to have very bad dreams when I was young and that make me more curious about my dreams. After doing some research on dreams, now I know what to do exactly before sleeping and after waking up to ovoid bad dreams. You will also understand the whole philosophy after reading the information given below.

Scientific Point of View

Dream is the mental phenomenon occurs during REM (Rapid Eye Movement). REM is the stage of sleep in which most of the sleeper’s muscles are paralyzed and his brain is consuming more oxygen than he is awake. The activity of brain neuron is more likely as waking state. The body is sleeping and brain is active when you dream. There are so many theories against dream in scientific point of view. Another theory is dreams are the loose threads in your mind that are gathered up in the form of vision during sleep.

Islamic point of view

In Islamic point of view there are two types of Dream. Good dreams and evil dreams. Good dreams are from Allah and bad dreams are from Satan. Good dreams are shown to support, warn, order or reassure the believer. Bad dream is the whisper from the devil trying to detract the believer. The bad dreams are easy to indentify due to their evil nature.


True dreams are from Allah and bad dreams are from satan" [Sahih of Bukhari, Vol 9 p 95, no 113].

Sometimes Satan shows absurd dreams; wet dreams are also part of evil dreams. A person who is sleeping does not know what he is doing and his deeds are also not recorded and he is one of those whom pen was lifted.

Actions to do after good dream

Praise Allah for it and seek interpretation from someone literate and you trust. Never share your dream with anyone that you don’t trust. Self analyze the dream and try to extract the message (if any) from it.

Actions to do after Evil dream


This portion is important. If you experience dream from Satan, don’t narrate to anyone and don’t even try to recall it, seek protection of Allah from Satan, turn over and sleep on the right side of your body. Read some surahs of Quran ideally surah Al Mulk before going to bed. Before falling in to sleep just make your mind remember that sleep is minor death and you are going to experience death. When you think like this, there is no chance for Satan to interfere in your sleep. Allah knows the best. May we all get protected from the shadow of Satan. AMEEN.

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