Hijab and Quran

The practice of wearing Hijab is required by the holy Book Quran. There are following verses that explains the practice of Quran Pak. In Quran Pak there is a statement the interpretation of which is that to tell Muslim men to reduce their glance and to protect their private parts…And to tell the believing women to protect displaying their beauty and that junk.

 In another verses of Quran 33:59, the Allah orders our Prophet PBUH that it should be told to the wives and daughters of the believers to cover their veils and body. As this will result is avoidance of ill-treatment by others.

When the Quranic verses were revealed to Prophet (PBUH), they were recited to all the Muslims who accepted that and followed them. In the end, the practice of hijab became the good practice.

The exactness is not there in relation to wearing for Muslim women. That’s the reason that all of the Muslims from different parts of the world wear different kind of hijabs. But it should be clear that figures and head of the woman should always be covered.

There are certain exceptions to wearing Hijab, e.g. there is no need to wear Hijab in front of their husbands and wearing hijab in front of their father and brothers is considered optional. Uncontrollable factors like wind taking off the hijab is relaxed also.

The literal meaning of hijab is “partition or Curtain. Today, hijab refers to  Islamic women clothing, it became a standard of modesty between the Muslims women.

Wearing Hijab is very much a personal decision today. Some western women choose to wear headscarf only. Others try to wear no scarf at all. The scarf is also considered good covering and substitute of hijab. However, some people think that modesty should be in mind and not only in dresses.

In order to help Muslim women understand the Quranic verses and for their kids to be able to learn how to read Quran, an application has been developed which is named as Noorani Qaida – Learn Arabic Alphabets and phrases with Tajweed ul Quran.  This is a very good application that has clear graphic pictures and sound files which helps us understand in learning Quran. 

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