4 Effective Tips to offer your Fajr Prayer with Jamat

Offering fajr prayer is not a big deal, but a little bit difficult because people comes from their offices late in the evening and after that they offering Mugrib and Isha prayer and prepare for the next day to go to the office, but in that from night until before sunrise fajar prayer occurs and as a Muslim we must offer this beautiful and first prayer/salat of the day in addition many rewards get from this prayer. For instance perfect time to recite Quran after this prayer.  

The five effective tips are as under:-

Heavy tasks on weekend/holiday

As usual, you perform your daily routine tasks either in office or home, but not perform heavy chores on daily routine because you feel tired and when you sleep you will not able to wake up for Fajar Prayer on time. So try to perform your heavy tasks on weekends or on the holiday.

Normal effort

Another very effective tip that you should divide your weekly load on daily routine wise, in this way you do not feel tired and perform other many effortful work. The main advantage you can get to divide your weekly load in daily basis is that you manage and perform normal effort to do your work and in the night you can easily sleep and wake up early in the morning. Your workload will be shifted towards daily basis or normal basis.

Take meal early

Try to take your dinner before Isha prayer as early as possible in this way when you go to bed for sleeping your stomach will not be heavy and your belly feels so relaxing while sleeping and no feel difficult or hard to wake up early for salat timing.

Set Salat Alarm

Set double salat alarm with the difference of 15 minutes between them for salat prayer times especially fajar prayer. In this way when first alarm may off due to deep sleep or any other reason after 15 minutes the second alarm will be start alarming and this is beneficial for you to offer your fajar prayer.

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