Ways in Which A Muslim Can Benefit From Quran

Quran is the religious scripture of Islam and for Muslims there is no source of guidance better or superior than Quran. It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Gabriel was the carrier of the revelations to Him. The verses of Quran were revealed one by one at different occasions, which were then compiled in the form of one book and given the name Quran.

Quran was as beneficial for Muslims at the time it was revealed as it is now for them. The present day Muslims learn Quran from a young age and the learning of it has become even more easy because of the Smartphone Quran learning apps such as Quran Now.There is not only one way in which Muslims can benefit from Quran, rather there is a variety of ways in which a Muslim can benefit from this Divine guidance. The lines below discuss some ways in which Muslims can benefit from the word of Allah.


Allah says in Quran:

“Truly there is a reminder in this for anyone who has a heart, or who listens attentively with presence of mind.” (50:37)

From the ayah it is clear that Quran is a reminder for all those people who listen to it attentively and with the presence of mind. It serving as a reminder means that it reminds humans of who they are, where they come from, where they will go and what purpose they ought to serve in life and under what guidelines. Thus, the listening of Quran benefits the humans in finding answers related to their existence and how they are to spend their lives. In other words, learning and understanding of Quran provides a purpose to human life.

At another place in Quran, Allah Almighty says:


“Those who have been given knowledge see that what has been sent down to you from your Lord is the truth.” (34:6)

The other way a Muslim can benefit from Quran is by using it as a means of understanding this universe in general and the world in particular. In Quran there are mentions of the creation of this universe and how the system of universe runs and the way life thrives in it. By developing an understanding of these verses of Quran, a Muslim can see this world from a spirit of inquiry and when a Muslim sees all the phenomena in the world taking place as is mentioned in Quran, it strengthens the belief of a Muslim in the fact that Quran is truth and nothing but truth.


In addition to that, there is the obvious benefit of recitation of Quran bringing reward to a Muslim. recitation of every word of Quran brings reward to a Muslim, which surely will come in handy when a Muslim goes to the afterlife and judgment will take place. Moreover, in addition to it being a reward, the recitation of Quran also has a spiritual effect on the heart of a person. With its recitation the heart gets cleansed and a Muslim rises to a higher level of spirituality.


If a Muslim does not pay to any other way of benefiting from Quran, still the one way in which a Muslim benefits from it unconsciously is it being a religious doctrine. Quran contains instructions and guidelines without which a Muslim cannot continue living life as a Muslim. thus, learning of Quran is primarily a means of finding the code of conduct with which a Muslim can easily live the life in a way that is better in this world and that guarantees a better world in the Hereafter.


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